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27 October 2016
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27 October 2016

Universal Dragon

The instrument premiered at TTM 2012 in Poznań. It has been developed by HUZAR tools specifically for multi-brand, independent repair workshops, to help them replace clutches (type SAC or XTend). The toolkit includes:

  • a universal pressure plate for 3 and 4 clamp bolts
  • a set of 12 screws (4xM8, 4xM7, 4xM6)
  • a central press bolt.

Begin replacing the clutch by removing 3 or 4 screws fixing it to the flywheel (3 screws at intervals of 120 ° or 4 screws at intervals of 90 °). Replace them with pins with the correct thread size (3), mount the plate of the instrument (1) and fasten it with nuts (5). Fasten the compression spring by screwing in the central screw (9), until a noticeable clutch disc release. Unscrew the remaining clamping screws to remove the clamp and the clutch disc; remove the central screw and dismount the instrument.

Wrench for self-adjusting clutches Dragon Device for installing self-adjusting clutches Dragon Huzar Device for installing self-adjusting couplings Dragon Huzar


This method of disassembly is recommended when the clamp is to be reused. If the clamp is also to be removed, you can dismount the clutch in any way.

Before assembly, choose 2 sockets, which together with pins (6 and 8) form an instrument for centering the clutch disc. The smaller socket should fit without clearance to the central hole in the crankshaft, and the bigger one to the hub of the clutch disc.


Device for SAC clutches

When the centered disc is attached to the flywheel, mount the clutch clamp and screw the correct pins from the toolkit; mount the plate of the instrument on top of them using nuts and tighten its central spring enough to move the clamp away from the disc. This allows pressing it to the flywheel and tightening the 3 or 4 screws. The remaining screws should be tightened after removing the pins. The tightening torque should be in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

The “Dragon” toolkit is covered by a lifetime warranty and a 50% discount on the complementary parts, if SAC/XTend clutches should require them in the future.

Dragon toolkit Huzar

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